The Internet Blogging Phenomenon

What began as a simple exercise of expression by a handful of people, expression that would often only reach a select group of people not only interested in the topic at hand but also knowledgeable of the particular blog, has become an internet phenomenon. Blogging didn’t even use to be a word, whereas now it’s a well-established concept often referred to in actual newspapers and other syndicated journals. In fact, some blogs have even been cited from time to time by well-established news sources such as CNN, MSNBC, and BBC.

Blogs began as a personal thing. Often, a professional in a particular field would also like to experiment with his or her creativity off the job. These people would than post their accomplishments online in their own personalized blog for everyone to avail of what information they may have contained. To a great extent, this is true even today. Many personal blogs do in fact exist, though some of the higher ranked celebrity blogs may actually be written by ghost writers. They’ve given people a venue to express their thoughts beyond the customary lunch or coffee break at work or the occasional social gathering with friends.

The other aspect of blogging, driven by commercialism, is far more impersonal yet often more reliable and informative to its niche audience. For example, today there are blogs that focus just on environmentalism. Other blogs, on the other hand, have a particular niche in environmentalism (such as alternative energy and technology). Others yet are more complete as “environmentalism” may only be a focus of one particular “sub blog” within the whole business model. All in all, the concept has gone from being something reserved to a handful of select individuals who may have known a professional and as such, became aware of his extracurricular activities – to one ready to rival some of the biggest and most well-established news sources.


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