The Internet and HTML

Even the most computer illiterate person probably has an okay understanding of what the internet is. They may not be able to describe the ins-and-outs, explain industry standards, or write a video game that runs in your web browser – but they’ll know what they need to do whatever is required of them. Most of them will also know additional trivia (or what would be trivia to them anyways), and one such thing they would know (perhaps merely as a catch phrase) is HTML. But what exactly is HTML?

The HyperText Markup Language is the single most used markup language in web development. Ultimately, it consists of several tags, which consist of a pointed bracket on either side enclosing a particular keyword. The tags can include anything that’s been established as constituting part of the HyperText Markup Language, such as “BODY” (where you put your content), “HTML” (for the heading), etc. And several of these tags, in fact, most of them, have a required closing tag that is the same thing except that it begins with a forward slash. But that’s just a rough idea of the technical details.

The purpose of HyperText Markup Language is to provide a degree of structure to a webpage, to give you the ability to access aspects of the page inline, such as images for example, and to order and stylize the way in which text appears. They can even embed material from JavaScript so that you can have a small, inline application on your webpage in addition to the general display of text and imagery.

In addition to HTML, you also have Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). With these, the web developer can perform the same tasks but with significantly less work by designating a CSS file from which his web pages draw information. This, in addition to many other things, is what has made HTML so useful today, why it’s been through so many different specifications and improvements and why today it is the single predominant aspect of almost every single webpage on the internet.


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