The Importance of Internet in Socializing

As our lives become gradually relegated more and more to simply those people with whom we have to directly relate, such as at work, school and our families, people are finding that the internet is one of the best means of communicating for the sole purpose of socializing, or to have fun. Whereas at one time, people may have congregated far more regularly at a town hall or something of that nature, times have changed quite a bit with the advancements in communications. From the Pony Express, to the modern internet age, humanity is moving towards and more and more reclusive future where actual contact with one another becomes far less mandatory for our required regular tasks.

This makes the Internet a very important and meaningful medium for making friends and getting to know other people. A philosopher once highlighted that man is a social creature. In everything man does, he requires a teacher or somewhere from which he can draw some sort of initial inspiration before embarking on his creative talents. This natural inclination to socialize, though hampered (ironically) in the age of globalization has given him reason to seek other conduits whereby he may fulfill his social cravings.

The internet is full of online communities where people who share ideas in common can congregate and spread their own variants of these ideas even further. With online forums, one person has the capacity to reach an audience of possibly hundreds of other individuals that agree with what he/she has to say about a particular topic – general in his/her niche hobby or work-related field.

Beyond just online forums, entire communities have developed that regularly attend particular chat rooms. Here, they find themselves in an even more social and less rule-driven gathering not unlike a real life party. Each thing you say will be laughed at and enjoyed for the moment, in all possibility, lost as there is no “save” or “post” features in most chat rooms.

These two are but simple examples of how society is adapting to the changes provoked by the internet as man will always be a social creature.


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