Internet Gaming

The internet was envisioned as a great network whereby the infrastructure of our nation, and its defense strategy, could be preserved. It was likewise seen as a means for professionals and academics to share highlights in their respective fields with one another. An aspect of the internet which it’s visionaries probably wouldn’t have foreseen was extensive online gaming.

Online gaming began in the form of text based games. Users would transmit moves that they would make on an actual chess board via email, or they would play games involving role-playing and fantasy through reading and sharing aspects of stories with another. That was the past.

Today’s gaming industry is far more advanced, so to speak. With cutting edge 3D graphics, wireless controllers, motion sensing, etc. Today’s video games will transmit far greater amounts of data over far shorter periods of time. For example, in some games, the amount of ammo you have at a given time, your health bar, the weapons you own – all of these are transmitted almost instantaneously. Likewise, impact and collision with environment and other plays is also transmitted almost instantaneously. This has been extremely useful in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) such as the wildly popular, World of Warcraft, by Activision. Likewise, an equal number of people subscribe to different types of games (shooters, strategy, puzzle, etc.) around the world and avail of the benefits in internet and processor speed.

Internet gaming isn’t just limited to such professionally designed games however. Every office work knows about Solitaire, that was a great way to burn time in the past. Nowadays though, games of that nature, and other card games exist in multiplayer environments over the internet often through free gaming sites. Other sites, whereby individuals aren’t able to compete with one another directly, do offer users the possibility of playing against each other in a more abstract way by trying to reach greater heights in leader boards.


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