Internet Finance

E-Commerce is not something too new. Sites like eBay have been in existence for awhile now, and major department stores and super centers have had websites to further advertise their presence and promote their goods for an equally long time. Internet based finance however, is something relatively new.
More and more banks, and creditors, have come to the realization that it is much less expensive and far more efficient in many cases, to find clients online. As a result, they will advertise a particular service they are offering (free checking, a new credit card, etc.) online and offer users the ability to apply without even visiting a banker at a branch (which may not even exist for the user’s location!). This has also been a great convenience to consumers who save time and money on a trip to the bank as all they have to do is fill their information out online, click a button and await a response, either by email, over the phone or through snail mail.
But that’s but one example. Financial institutions are making the switch to having their services offered online in a host of other ways. Many financial institutions, in a bid to save money on paper, ink and postage, are now trying to find ways to compel consumers to agree to no longer receive messages in the post but to receive their statements over the internet. With such gimmicks as free gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and more – people are being convinced to change this option at an unprecedented rate.

But this hope by these institutions, to save a bit of money, is making the world’s finances even more dependent on the internet infrastructure than ever before. Now, email isn’t just for sending jokes to a coworker or signing up for spam, it’s how you receive vital information regarding the status of your account. Whether that’s good or bad can be judged in individual cases, however, the end result is clear. Internet finance is growing – and it is here to stay.



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