Internet Chatting

Chatting on the internet is not only entertaining, it’s an act which has long history behind it and the development of which is in and of itself quite interesting. The beginning of “chatting,” per says, can be traced to the innovation that was the Telnet protocol. Envisioned well before the internet went public, this protocol laid the groundwork for chatting as it was the propellant behind the concept of email and the idea that people at multiple machines, geographically separated by a significant distance, could communicate in simple text (as opposed to archaic machine languages that operators alone would be trained and proficient in).

Today, chatting is something that has become altogether common. From the chat rooms on MSN and Yahoo with which people are able to connect with many different people who share one or two common interests – to the means of chatting developed in many modern social networking sites such as Facebook, it is simply everywhere. As a means of communication, it’s not too different from “hanging out” with a group of friends. People share ideas, jokes, laugh, and express themselves in other ways and the only regularly established means of retaining anything that took place is through one’s memory. That really makes for an entertaining environment even if it is indeed the furthest thing from what the founders of the internet would’ve envision for it.

But chatting has become more than just words, and trivial messages exchanged in the form of text between a handful of individuals from different computers. With fully developed graphical emoticons, voice communications tools and even the ability to display your own image on camera while chatting – it’s really become something much more. With the development of the internet, this very niche itself has developed (and continues to do so) beyond anything anyone could’ve expected or predicted.


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