Growth of the Internet in the Modern Age

At one point in time, the internet was nothing more than a sci-fi vision having no real bearing on anybody’s life – however, in the 1960s, everything changed. The concept that had been thought up was tested by connected multiple computers through telephone lines, and though problematic, it became something which its inventors felt was a feasible and beneficial project for the future. Originally restricted to military and scientific endeavors, the possibilities for the internet became immediately recognized and it opened up to commercial use. Since then, the changes have been rapid.

In the early days of the internet, browsers were limited and buggy, with unfriendly user interfaces. Further, the connections were extremely slow and one of the worst aspects of these connections was that once you’d logged on, your telephone wouldn’t operate so that you’d miss any important call from friends or work. Even the process of connecting wasn’t particularly enjoyable – you had to listen to loud whirring, beeping and buzzing for several seconds each time you wanted to connect.
That has all changed. Modern cable connections gave way to much fast internet connections. No longer would your telephone line be tied up because you were searching for something online, in addition to which, the browsing experience was far improved from the past and the Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) on the newest computers were actually well-designed as the companies had years of experience, successes and failures to improve on.

Today, the speed of development has not changed. Wireless routers enable people to connect anywhere. Cell phone companies offer data plans that allow users to employ their networks to surf the internet. And even faster connections, via fiber optics, have been envisioned, tested and put in place for some people. And with the changes in the internet connectivity, we’ve also seen massive improvements in the quality of content as programming web pages has become far easier with newer high level languages. Last but not least, in this day and age, even our computers are significantly faster than they used to be – all of which has resulted in a far better experience than the one enjoyed by the previous users.


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