Client Side Coding for the Internet

Modern internet site development has taken two very different, yet equally irreplaceable paths. Based on the particular need, some web developers will use client side coding for their projects while others will be scripting server side. Client side coding has its own functionality and particular use that makes it beneficial to the companies requesting and developing therewith.

The immediate difference between a client side scripting environment, and a site which has an interface that is run client side, is in the name itself. The application is run on the user’s machine, as opposed to being computed on a server. This is very important in that it allows customization and a degree of uniqueness to each user experience which would otherwise not have been present. This is because, with client side coding, scripts can be made to execute based on local variables on the client’s machine.

Another feature of client side coding is that code isn’t as secure in the sense that anybody can see it. In fact, one of the best ways to begin learning client side coding is to view the source code of different websites which a user wants to imitate in some ways. Another potential security issue with regards to client side scripting is that because the code is being conducted on the user’s machine, the user is left vulnerable in a sense to whatever is meant to be executed. For this reason, most modern web browsers restrict access of client side code to the web browsing utility and forgo any chance of foul play. However, as with all restrictions placed for security reasons, people have at times needed to bypass this as well for efficiency and features. For this exact purpose, developers can use ActiveX controls and completely override this particular issue. For more information on such types of coding, and the idea behind standardizing it, one can learn more through the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


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